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Atlantic College
Llantwit Major, Wales
Institution Overview

Atlantic College is an independent boarding school for pupils aged from 16 to 19, with students coming from more than 150 countries. The school is open for international students where they live and learn together, and follow the International Bacclaureate Programme - which they also founded. It is based in South Wales and is the only United World College in the UK. The residential college was one of the first to follow an international curriculum. It has a strong focus on sustainability and selects students though National Committees.

Atlantic College follows the International Bacclaureate diploma curriculum and helped create it too. This curriculum is made to help students evolve into strong leaders in whatever path they choose, giving them the confidence and determination to achieve their goal. Not to mention, they also adopt an outdoor style experiential education during the two years students stay there, making sure their students have extra curricular activities to enjoy alongside their studies.

The college main goal is to unite people, countries and different cultures through education to create a positive future for everyone. Other than its strong academics, Atlantic College has a history with boat building and its design. It has an active lifeboat station called the Atlantic College Lifeboat Station staffed by many students. An interesting fact about this college is that it has many notable alumni and has hosted royal visitors before from around the world.

Atlantic College is located at St Donat's Castle in South Wales, which is a 12th century castle surrounded by 122 acres of woodland. The campus has many modern student houses as part of the residences.
Student Life / Achievement

Students at this college are always encouraged to think creatively and have the opportunity to experience what other cultures and countries are like by being emersed in a multicultural environment that enriches their stay. The International Baccalaureate is now widely respected and recognised in many places. Another notable part of the college is that it offers plenty of engaging outdoor activities to motivate and empower students.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Atlantic College not just because of their outstanding curriculum, but all of the other features that you won't find anywhere else. They employ teachers from around the world, reflecting the diverse range of countries the students are from. They follow the globally respected and recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and have the aim of inspiring every student to have change making, creative and driven ambitions for a sustainable future.