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Boise State University

Boise State University (BSU) has over 200 programmes for students to choose from and is Idaho’s largest graduate school. Some of the academic highlights of Boise State include their master’s in business, law, and art, and BSU is the only university in America to offer a degree in raptor biology in which students can study birds of prey. 

BSU ranks in the top 50 for innovation nationally (US News and World Report, 2021) and is home to 8 colleges:

  • Graduate College
  • College of Arts & Science
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Innovation & Design
  • School of Public Service

Professors and academics are of high quality and have achieved some of the highest merits within their selected fields.


The campus of Boise State is 285 acres in size in the heart of central Boise. It has plenty of facilities for students to utilise in their time here, with the Student Union Building (SUB) at the centre of all things Boise State. There are plenty of cafes and meeting spaces for students here and even a bowling alley. 

Shuttle buses at B-Plaza can whisk students around the routes that circle the campus free of charge, and Albertsons Library is a fantastic study space complete with online databases, green screens, multimedia spaces, 3D printers, and quiet study areas to provide students the means to achieve their fullest.

Startup Business Support

There are options for students who wish to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits at Boise State, one of these being the Venture College, a wing of the College of Innovation + Design. 

The Venture College offers students the necessary resources to pursue their ideas and innovations, such as incubation support, office space, mentorship, and more. Venture College currently has 129 active businesses to its name, with over 500 community supporters and has raised a total of $2.8 million in capital. 

Also, located in Albertsons Library is MakerLab, a space where students can work on products through creativity with support from knowledgeable staff who have the tools and resources to allow students to experiment freely.

Research And Development

As a research university, Boise State understands the importance of allowing its students the opportunities to undertake work that can benefit the local communities, nation, and potentially the world. 

By browsing BSU’s Research Magazine, you can see the dedication to research from undergraduate level to the highest faculties at the university, fostering a great research community that is inclusive and encourages students from all over BSU to be a part of. 

Boise State has received 425 awards for research in 2021, with a total of more than $65 million which is an increase of 13% from 2020’s figure, and 58% in the previous five years. This shows that BSU as a research institution is on the rise and this is also reflected in the university reaching its highest research expenditures in 2021 at $55.7 million.

Job Placement

BSU’s Career Services are available for all students at the university and they can help from the day you arrive to find employment, seek out work experience or volunteering opportunities, give you tips for your resumé, rehearse interviews, and so much more. With job markets becoming ever more competitive, work experience opportunities such as internships have become vital to stand out from the pack, with research suggesting that 92% of companies expect students to have prior professional experience by the time they graduate. 

Idaho is also a state on the up in regards to industry and employment, with 90% of 2018-19 resident graduates working in Idaho, and 33% of out-of-state graduates working in Idaho in 2018-19.

Student Life

Boise is seen as a great-sized town for studying in, with the university’s location right alongside the Boise River and a ten minute walk into town, students can enjoy a close relationship with the town they are studying in. The Idaho Botanical Garden and Kathryn Albertson Park offer students moments of tranquility away from their studies, and the numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, live music venues, etc, will keep students entertained in a social sense. 

There are also over 260 student-led organisations and clubs that are itching to recruit new people, making for an easy and targeted way to meet like minded people. The sports facilities are also exciting and students can watch The Broncos, the university’s intercollegiate teams, play rival colleges and universities at Albertsons Stadium.

Why should you choose this university?

There is a lot to admire about Boise State University and how they approach their student experience, particularly in regards to the kinds of research and work experience opportunities that they provide to their students. It appears to be going from strength to strength in these capacities and these services are good value for the tuition fees. 

Pair that with what is a good campus in a beautiful surrounding where a relatively small student population can band together to make a strong sense of community, then BSU could be an ideal university to base your studies.


Ranking BodyYearRanking Number
Global Universities (US News & World Report)20211250
Global Universities (US News & World Report)20201156
Global Universities (US News & World Report)20191156
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