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Brandeis University offers 44 majors and 51 minors with a strong focus on liberal arts, however students have the chance to pursue more than one major, showing flexibility in the curriculum at Brandeis. Taking more than one major allows students to tailor their degrees towards their own interests or the paths to getting into their chosen fields, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1 meaning students can receive a bespoke approach from professors in their academia. 

The university ranks #31 for best undergraduate teaching (US News & World Report, 2022) but its plaudits don’t stop with its undergraduate degrees; the Brandeis Graduate School ranks #9 for both social policy and in health policy and management (US News & World Report, 2021).  


The campus at Brandeis University is a green, suburban space that is 235 acres in size in the city of Waltham, nine miles west of Boston. Logan Airport sees more than 40 airlines use it as a transport hub making domestic and international travel easy. 

Academic buildings on campus include the Heller School for Social Policy and Management where researchers study policy in a variety of societal issues. The International Business School offers students the chance to learn about global finance, business, economic policy and more. 

Brandeis Library also gives students access to not only physical and e-resources, but labs and spaces for students to create and study in the most effective ways possible.

Startup Business Support

Brandeis Innovation is the hub of entrepreneurial activity on campus; a space where students can hone their craft and ideas into something marketable under the tutelage of industry experts, likeminded students, and friendly and knowledgeable university staff. 

As of 2019, more than 2,100 Brandeis students, faculty, staff and alumni had participated in innovation programmes and over $123,000 in pre-seed funding had been given to 23 projects or startups. Amongst its three signature programmes (I-Corps, Spark, and Sprout), over $1.7 million in follow-on funding has been raised cumulatively from the 125 startups that have gone through the startup process.

Research And Development

As a member of the Association of American Universities, the organisation of elite research institutions across North America, Brandeis is committed to keeping the quality of research output high. This is achieved by ushering in the next generation of talented researchers and fostering that inquisitive nature within them, with the faculty of Brandeis being the perfect teachers in that regard. 

There are Nobel Prize winners amongst the researchers at Brandeis and there are opportunities for undergraduate research and the chance to win Research Excellence Prizes through the Brandeis library. Research by higher degrees are available too, with 40 master’s and 17 doctoral programmes available to postgraduate students. 

Job Placement

Around 97% of Brandeis graduates are in employment or in graduate school within six months of their graduation, and these impressive figures are owed to the determination from the university to give its students the best chances of finding employment in the industries that are going to appeal to them most. 

This can be achieved through students gaining some form of work experience in their time at Brandeis, with internships, volunteering schemes, and research opportunities all being high on the employers’ list of attractive feats for an employee. Brandeis is well-connected with industry and employers, with 12,000 organisations posting full and part-time roles with Brandeis, and the team at the Hiatt Career Centre will guide students through every stage of the process. From helping create a cohesive and impressive resumé, to nailing an interview, the team are experienced and successful in helping students achieve their career goals.

Student Life

Living on the large 235 acre campus brings a wonderful student lifestyle with it, with camaraderie, togetherness and inclusion. The university has a high proportion of international students representing over 77 countries so the atmosphere on campus is eclectic, exciting, and most of all, friendly. 

There are more than 200 student-run organisations and clubs on campus, ranging from political clubs, to hobbies, to sports clubs. The Brandeis Judges are the sports team of Brandeis and compete in a variety of sports such as football, fencing, volleyball and more. 

Waltham is just a 20 minute train ride from Boston, but has plenty to offer in its own right; there are over 150 places to eat in Waltham and if you take a wander down Moody Street then you are sure to find anything and everything when it comes to exciting cuisine.

Why should you choose this university?

While being a relatively small university in the grand scheme of national higher education, Brandeis University has a big university mentality when it comes to what they expect from their students in terms of giving it your all in education and beyond. They are the 42nd most selective university in America (US News, 2022) because they want to be represented by students who care and are focused and this is reflected in the successes of the Brandeis alumni. 

Students are offered a quality education, enriching research opportunities, top-quality careers services, and the chance to study and live in one of the most vibrant and historic parts of the country. There’s a lot to be impressed by with Brandeis University.


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World University Ranking (QS)2022455
World University Ranking (QS)2021446
World University Ranking (QS)2020468
World University Ranking (QS)2019429
World University Ranking (QS)2018411-420