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Canterbury Language Academy

The Canterbury Language Academy offers an adaptable, 'progressive' curriculum which is updated according to student and teacher feedback in order to better meet learners' individual needs. Students are encouraged to use English as much as possible, but support from translators is available for those with lower English ability.

The courses on offer at Canterbury Language Academy are:

  • General English: 4-52 weeks, $300 per week: no entry requirements
  • Advanced English for Academic Study (EAP): 10-40 weeks, $300 per week:
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Preparation: 10-20 weeks, $300 per week

The portion of each course made up by Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading respectively can be found on their website.


The CLA campus was changed to a new modern building in 2017, and includes facilities such as a library, computer lab, kitchen, cafeteria, and a break room for students with games, books and TV. Due to the Academy's location in the centre of the city, a range of sports facilities are just a short walk away from campus in Prince Alfred Park – if you feel like working out or taking a dip in a heated, Olympic size swimming pool. Major universities and libraries are also close by, providing a range of cultural and educational resources to learners.

Students are also provided with free on-campus wi-fi.

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Student Life

Though CLA does not offer on-campus accommodation, host families are thoroughly screened, and students are given a lot of options to choose the kind of family they would like to stay with. Staff are available to provide students with support finding accommodation if needed, as well as counselling.

With the campus only minutes away from Central Train station, many major landmarks and city life are only a short bus or train ride away, such as Chinatown, shopping centres and the NSW State Library, open 24 hours for students.

As well as offering planned social activities, sporting events or movie nights every week to encourage new students to find friends, the university organises school-wide visits to major Sydney tourist spots every 5 weeks, giving students the opportunity to experience Australian culture.

Why should you choose this university?

  • CLA aims to immerse students not only in the English language but in Australian cultural experience, too.
  • Class sizes are small, which may be better for those who prefer a more close-knit and individual studying experience. Courses are all under a year in length, which may be ideal depending on your schedule or budget.
  • If you are an international student interested in  receiving a qualification in English before taking a university course in Australia and are keen to experience everything Sydney has to offer,  CLA may be the ideal place to take the EAP or IELTS preparation exam.
  • Course prices are also more cost-effective than comparable English Language Centre programs from major universities, such as A$500 per week from Macquarie University.