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Carleton University

Carleton University offers an enormous range of degrees grouped into 6 different faculties:

  • Arts & Social Science
  • Engineering & Design
  • Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Public Affairs
  • Science 
  • Sprott School of Business 

It is most renowned for its Engineering, Science, and Business courses where they boast high employability rates and wide academic acclaim, particularly in the Engineering & Technology sector where their citations received a 92.8 score in THE (Times Higher Education World University Rankings) and are among the top 250 in the world. 

Sprott School of Business also has high employability rates based on their co-op degrees that encourage theory-based classroom learning, with real-life applied experience in industry. Based on surveys of graduates from 2017-2019, 93% of Commerce students were employed within one year of graduation.

Carleton also proudly displays that 14% of their student population are international students from 150+ countries giving a true multicultural feel to the university and campus. 


The campus has over 30 buildings on over 100 acres, and is cleverly connected through 5km of underground tunnels allowing students to dodge the worst of the weather over the winter months. Buildings include the 22-storey Dunton Tower, and the Kailash Mital theatre, which seats up to 444 people. 

Public transport connects the campus to Ottawa and beyond, with the O-Train and Trillium Line. Ottawa is also host to an international airport, and is a 2 hour drive to Montreal, a 4.5 hour drive to Toronto, and an hour drive to the state of New York, USA. Students are also welcome to rent bicycles around the campus with the VeloGo programme.

Startup Business Support

Carleton University has a history of aiding young entrepreneurs in setting up and implementing their ideas, and also in funding. The ‘Carleton Entrepreneurs’ programme offers these young people all this while still strengthening the wider business community of Ottawa. The recipients of this scheme have found training, mentorship, funding, tools and support with more than C$5million in investment in these activities through the university. Carleton has helped start more than 150 businesses since 2009.

Ottawa Young Entrepreneurs has also seen a joint venture between Carleton, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and La Cité collégiale in which they’ve supported students and recent graduates and have received C$1million from Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Research And Development

Carleton is fundamentally a research university, currently having over 1000 research projects underway and they have received C$86million in internal and external research funding (2018-19), particularly in the fields of Engineering and Sciences where their studies and academic papers are renowned. 

There are a variety of grants that students can apply for such as the CU Research & Development Grant, a twice annual competition to the value of C$10,000. There is a large office of Research Initiatives & Services that help students through applications. 

The research-focused nature of Carleton is also reflected in their alumni, namely that they have had 3 Nobel Prize Winners in their illustrious history. 

Job Placement

Perhaps more than anything, Carleton boasts an impressive list of companies who employ from their talent pool at the university; Amazon, Google, IBM to name but a few. The university’s commitment to co-op courses certainly gives students an upper hand when it comes to post-degree opportunities. The careers services team are proficient at organising networking nights, careers fairs and workshops to help guide students onto the path they wish to be on and in 2020 they achieved their highest score in alumni outcomes, ranking 168th in the world (QS).

Carleton is proud of their ‘Capital advantage’ and it is easy to see why when they are surrounded by such an array of huge companies in Ottawa, especially within the tech sector and opportunities at government level.

Student Life

Carleton is host to more than 300 clubs and societies to choose from, ranging from the United Nations Society to Archery Club, and not to mention the champion sports teams that call Carleton home: the Ravens.

Culturally, Ottawa has a lot to offer including the Ottawa Jazz Fest that takes place during the summer, the National Gallery of Canada which holds works from First Nation and Inuit peoples from around the country, and even the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

Near the campus you will find places to eat all kinds of restaurants that are proudly sustainable, such as Mad Radish which serves healthy fast food for people on the go, or the Moonroom in the heart of Little Italy and is only one O-Train stop away from the campus. The Mercury Lounge caters for those who enjoy the nightlife, clubs, and live music events.

Why should you choose this university?

Carleton is a well-respected and internationally attractive education institution at the heart of Ottawa with a strong community sense on its large, green campus.

Its employability rates within the industries of Tech, Business, and Engineering are impressive, as are the stature of the companies that have used Carleton as a breeding ground for academic talent. This, in tandem with their encouragement of co-op courses, creates work-ready graduates who go on to achieve.

These factors on top of the chance to live and study in the capital city of Canada make for an exciting opportunity for any prospective student.


Ranking BodyYearRanking Number
World University Ranking (QS)2022601-650
World University Ranking (QS)2021601-650
World University Ranking (QS)2020651-700
World University Ranking (QS)2019651-700
World University Ranking (QS)2018651-700