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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the country’s, and also the world’s, leading academic universities in a number of fields. It ranks as the best place on the planet to study Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Management Information Systems, respectively, (US News & World Report, 2021) and its College of Engineering ranks as the sixth best nationally (US News, 2021). 

Its seven colleges and schools have fostered a “can do” mentality that has seen wild success among its current students and alumni, with professors of the highest standard helping students tackle real problems through a multidisciplinary approach and students are encouraged to individualise their degrees by integrating areas of study from other faculties into their learning, creating more well-rounded graduates with interdisciplinary skills.


The Campus of Carnegie Mellon is 157 acres in size, with new admissions heading to the Coulter Welcome Centre, where friendly staff and students will show new students around easily and with understanding. 

Located just three miles from downtown Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Mellon campus houses 81 buildings for administration, student support, and as a home to the seven colleges and schools that form the university. Libraries on campus include the Hunt Library and Sorrells Library which provide students with books, peer-reviewed articles, journals, periodicals, e-resources, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, and so much more. 

Students are also provided with a shuttle bus to transport them around the campus during regular academic hours, allowing for easy commutes around campus, all completely free of charge to Carnegie Mellon students and staff.

Startup Business Support

Alumni of Carnegie Mellon have gone on to have over 1,000 companies greenlit, one of which being DuoLingo, and the common thread of all of those companies is this university. One such place that fosters these entrepreneurs is the Swartz Centre for Entrepreneurship where talented students are encouraged to turn their ability into innovation that can help enact business, societal, technological, or environmental change. 

There are clubs and programs that student entrepreneurs can utilise, such as the Project Olympus Incubator Programme where students can receive aid in regards to design of their products or devise sales strategies that will put their business on the map. 

Research And Development

Carnegie Mellon has over 100 centres and institutes contributing to the staggering output of research from the university. 

Undergraduate research opportunities are openly embraced here, something that is not always the case across all universities, allowing students from every rung of the academic ladder to engage in thrilling and important research. The Undergraduate Research Office will help students with advice, workshops, and individual mentoring and meetings so the university can be kept up to date with what students are finding in their investigations. Avenues for funding include Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) that can regard any form of research, individual or team-based, and can see students receive $1,000 in grants. 

Job Placement

Another string to Carnegie Mellon’s bow is the employability of its students and how the university creates work-ready 



The Career and Professional Development Centre at Carnegie Mellon gives students the tools and resources for professional success. The most recent published data from the university shows that 75% of the 13,008 records are in employment, with a further 17% in continuing education. 

Students from Carnegie Mellon also have an average salary of $100,593, with top employers including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, IBM, Apple, and more. The talent that the university produces has actually helped companies locate offices in the Pittsburgh area to ensure that they can attract from the pool of talent on offer here.

Student Life

Sports are a huge part of life at Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh generally; the Carnegie Mellon Tartans compete in NCAA Division III games in a variety of different sports in both men’s and women’s teams, and students can also take in Penguins (hockey) and Steelers (American football) matches in Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh is a fun and vibrant city for students to live in and base their studies, with hundreds of cafes and restaurants; the architectural delights of downtown are worth a visit on foot or bike, and the Andy Warhol Museum, who was an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon, is the largest collection of his works in the world. 

Why should you choose this university?

Everything a student could want from a university is available at Carnegie Mellon; world-class academics taught by renowned professors and staff, industry-standard research opportunities across faculties, and startup and career support that has a proven track record of creating successful professionals and businesses. 

The campus is well situated with connections across America and the world and Pittsburgh is a city that goes from strength to strength economically and culturally. The high percentage of international students also means the campus is a multicultural melting pot where students are focused on enjoying themselves and studying. The price of admission is quite high, but surely worth it when one considers the sheer amount on offer at Carnegie Mellon University. 


Ranking BodyYearRanking Number
World University Ranking (QS)202253
World University Ranking (QS)202151
World University Ranking (QS)202048
World University Ranking (QS)201946
World University Ranking (QS)201847