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New York City

Fordham University is a Jesuit University, meaning that the education is overall informed by Catholic teachings, yet is not limited to just Catholic students as part of the student population. Across its nine colleges and schools, Fordham offers over 60 undergraduate degrees, over 130 graduate degrees, and even more advanced certificate programmes. 

At undergraduate level, the student-faculty ratio is a low 13:1, allowing students to benefit from smaller class sizes than the national average, with average class sizes at Fordham being 22 students. 

Some of the most popular areas of study at Fordham University include Psychology, Finance, Political Science, Business Management, Computer Sciences, and more.


Fordham University is split across three main campuses in New York City; Lincoln Centre, Rose Hill, and Westchester. 

Lincoln Centre is the most populous of the three, in an 8 acre campus spanning two blocks in Manhattan. Over 7,000 students are enrolled here, served by the Gerald M. Quinn Library and home to a pleasantly-landscaped plaza. 

Rose Hill campus is the largest in terms of size at 85 acres and located in the Bronx, where around 6,000 students enjoy the oasis of green in the city.

Westchester is the home to most of the graduate and further studies students of Fordham, complete with “smart classrooms”, a media centre, and good food services. 

All of the campuses are impeccably well-serviced by public transport options, allowing students to navigate their way between the sites with ease. 

Startup Business Support

Students at Fordham have a host of options in terms of exploring entrepreneurship opportunities at the university, as the institute is well-positioned amongst the world of commerce in New York City, a city rife with economic possibility. 

Fordham Foundry is an excellent place for students to hone their crafts in innovation and entrepreneurial skills under the tutelage of the experts employed there. The students at Fordham Foundry can apply for the Fordham Angel Fund that can make investments of up to $25,000, as well as expert advice and invaluable experience in the maintenance of a startup. The business partners of the Foundry also create a fantastic networking space of industry professionals, as well as students and alumni of Fordham.

Research And Development

Fordham is classified as an “R2 - high research university” by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, meaning that the output has been consistent and of high quality for national recognition. 

The university has access to a number of research facilities and institutes, such as the Louis Calder Centre, a 114-acre biological field station that students across academic levels are invited to engage in field research with the aid of stipends from the university. 

Research opportunities are a great form of experiential learning that provide students with a practical alternative to classroom-based learning and contribute to increasing a student’s employability.

Job Placement

Career Services at Fordham have been helping students on their career journeys to great success for a number of years. 89% of Fordham students within the past three years now find themselves in employment, pursuing higher education, or in other commitments within six months of graduating from Fordham, with the class of 2020’s starting salary at an average of $61,660.

The team at Careers Services attribute this success to the professional development activities that students partake in with them, such as practice interviews, CV and cover letter expertise, and utilisation of Handshake. Handshake is a job networking platform used by universities to help students browse the best opportunities available to them via the university. 

Student Life

There are more than 160 clubs and societies for students to partake in that can range from a variety of interests and niches. Intramural and varsity sports also provide students a way to either watch or take part in active pursuits and competitions, with the Rams being a team steeped in history and records. 

Events are also run throughout the year for students to get to know one another, such as the President’s Ball, Midnight Breakfast, and the Festival of Lessons and Carols, to name a few. 

It goes without saying that New York City is an incredible place to study, let alone live in, with the city being arguably the most multicultural city on the planet. There is never a shortage of things to do and see, the transport links are among the best internationally, and the food and restaurant options are simply never ending. 

Why should you choose this university?

Fordham University is a very steady and accomplished university that has carved out a place for itself in the competitive setting of New York City universities. It’s academically firm, with nice opportunities to engage in research across degree levels amongst facilities that are well-maintained and have seen recent investment. 

The university will particularly appeal to students who are looking for a Jesuit institution in the heart of New York City, though as previously mentioned, this does not limit the opportunities for students from different faiths or beliefs which is to Fordham’s credit. The tuition price is understandably high, so careful consideration is required when considering this university. 


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