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Hamline University is a liberal arts college that offers over 50 programmes to students that include majors, minors, and other academic pathways. The university has a student-faculty ratio of 13:1, well below the national average, allowing students to get one-to-one attention from professors in a setting that is more conducive to learning. 

Hamline is also very proud of the fact that 100% of its students participate in internships, research, or service learning, with experiential education at the forefront of the university’s mission statement. 

Popular areas of study include Business & Economics, Sciences & Health, Social Sciences, Justice & Law, Fine Arts, and more.


Hamline’s main campus (known as Saint Paul campus) is situated between Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a second location in Minneapolis that specialises in graduate degree programmes. 

The Saint Paul campus is in a neighbourhood known as “the festival of nations” due to the sixteen different countries that are represented by the restaurants and businesses located there. This is where the bulk of students live and is also the location of the historic University Hall-Old Main, a nationally-recognised building of importance due to its architectural style and age. 

The university sites are well-connected to the metro within the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, making it easy for students to commute and explore the surrounding area.

Startup Business Support

Currently, there is not a wide berth of options for students who want to engage in entrepreneurship or the launching of their own startup through Hamline University channels. Students can enrol within the School of Business at Hamline where courses like the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course allow students to work their specific business interests into the curriculum and learn general business skills. Otherwise, there are no venture programmes or incubators to launch student businesses as of the time of writing. 

Research And Development

All students of Hamline University partake in experiential learning at some point of their undergraduate degree, including either collaborative research or field-based research. The idea behind this is to allow students to “own” their degree, meaning they have not just studied their subject area, but gained practical experience within that field too. 

This points to a good culture of research at Hamline as it fosters an inquisitive spirit in its students, though research centres and research funding is not as prominent as perhaps at other universities.

Job Placement

The Career Development Centre at Hamline is where students can go to seek practical advice from the staff who specialise in helping students develop their own career pathways. It’s a great place for networking, seeking jobs and internships, and learning career skills such as writing CVs and cover letters. 

The university also utilises Handshake, an online job posting, recruiting, and communication system that allows students to easily browse opportunities in their areas of interest. 90% of the 2020 full-time employed graduates are “Very Satisfied” with their position, with employers including the Minnesota Government, Allianz Life, Delta Airlines, and more.

Student Life

Hamline has over 70 student organisations that cover all sorts of student interests and hobbies, allowing students to easily socialise over their shared passions. As well, there are 20 varsity teams across both men’s and women’s competitions that provide friendly competition between other universities. 

Locationally, Hamline University is in an excellent spot, between the twin cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The two are connected incredibly well via transport links and boast a wealth of food options, cultural highlights like Guthrie Theatre, and sporting events like baseball, ice hockey, and more. Also, students can get in and out of the city with ease thanks to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

Why should you choose this university?

The ethos of Hamline University is a promising one; students are in charge of making their degree suit their interests and can utilise this freedom to really pursue their passions. This approach has made for satisfied graduates and a friendly atmosphere that runs throughout the university. Despite Hamline’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church, all students are welcome from any background. 

Its setting in Minneapolis-Saint Paul gives it certain advantages in terms of cost of living, as the cities are on the rise economically while still remaining relatively low in accommodation fees. Hamline may not appeal to students wishing to make the most of a university’s research and entrepreneurial options and support, but the spirit of the university is very much in the right place. 


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