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Howell's School
Cardiff, Wales
Institution Overview

Howell’s School is an independent day school for girls located in Cardiff, Wales. It is for children aged over 3 to 18 years old, and includes a nursery, infants school, junior school, senior school as well as a sixth form. The sixth form had changed to include boys among its pupils and is now co-educational in 2005.

Howell’s School is one of the highest performing independent schools in Wales; ranked 1st in Wales and was within the top 100 of schools in the UK with the highest GCSE grades. Howell’s School provides flexible learning that remains within the curriculum, to allow students to learn in their own way and to prevent gender sterotypes from affecting their learning. Not to mention, Howell’s School values mental health, and as a result they have worked hard to create a safe space by cultivating an informal and quite modern culture. As research has also suggested, girls get higher grades in single sex schools, which is shown by their amazing results.

Howell’s School believes that success in girls should not be quantified by her school grades or academic record, but with how she could share her influence with others. They strive to promote values such as willingness, enthusiasm, curiosity and motivation to do the best they can. Howell’s School encourages its girls to not allow gender bias to hold them back, and help them achieve whatever their goal may be. The most important thing girls are taught are that there are no limitations if they don't allow any, and that nothing is too far beyond their reach. They pride on making sure that every girl is able to grow in self-confidence, resilience and self-esteem in order to have a successful future.

Howell’s School is a girls school for girls aged 3 to 18 years old. It was founded in 1860 and is located in Cardiff. It was built by the Drapers' Company after Thomas Howell requested it from them.
Student Life / Achievement

Howell’s School gives girls the opportunity and motivation to grow into the most successful people they can be; leadership and responsibilty are some of the qualities girls are taught to have, as traditionally men are more associated with them. This allows them to face the possible challenges in the competitive world with tools of confidence and maturity. A recent achievement at Howell’s School includes the Modern Foreign Languages team, which means that girls will be able to learn languages with the latest technology. Activities aimed for the year 7 to year 13 classes will involve live role play games and unique vioce insert technology that will engage students and let them evolve through independent work.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Howell’s School because it is a school that pushes girls to become more than just what they think they can be; it allows them to break down limitations and grow to achieve academic success in school as well as in the competitive wider world. They truly believe in the pupils and care about their mental and physical wellbeing. The school is also ranked one of the best in Wales, and they support the students in a single sex environment beyond what a normal curriculum would expect.