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Kings Monkton School
Institution Overview

Kings Monkton School is a mixed independent school located in the centre of Cardiff, Wales. It teaches classes in small groups of 18 and believes that great education comes down to small classes, high quality teaching and pastoral care. They strongly support the idea that every child is unique and therefore has a unique method of learning, so the staff make sure to adapt to the child's needs rather than the other way around. Kings Monkton School also has a great Wellbeing Team that focus on the needs of the students, ensuring that every child feels safe, happy and able to reach their maximun potential everyday.

Kings Monkton School offer a full curriculum for all pupils, including the core subjects English, maths and science, as well as music, languages, PE, creative arts and humanities. Not to mention, the school offers lessons on important life skills that are often overlooked. They work closely with the International Music School to enhance the musical learning of their pupils in addition. Kings Monkton School offer more than 33 subjects to study, and as well as GCSE and A Level they also allow post 16 students the chance to do BTEC and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is all to make sure students have every advanatge when applying for university or their chosen career path.

Kings Monkton School believes in giving each pupil the skills and tools they need to be prepared for life, and to reach their potential. Teachers support pupils not only in their academics but in other aspects of life too, such as building confidence and awareness of themselves and the world around them. They put emphasis on core values, like respect for others, care for the environment and tolerance. Kings Monkton School prides itself on being inclusive, happy and supportive to its students, instilling the importance of hard work and extra curricular activities.

Kings Monkton School is a 152 year old school located in Cardiff, Wales. It was originally named King's College and Monkton House and renamed Kings Monkton School in 1994.
Student Life / Achievement

At Kings Monkton School pupils are offered activities that consolidate their learning from the curriculum and give them the chance to try out new things that children are not usually given the chance to in schools. For example, cookery lessons, music lessons, frequent trips, creative writing as well as a range of additional school activities.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Kings Monkton School as it is a small, inclusive and friendly school that focuses on the needs of the pupil, and encourages everyone to reach their maximum potential. With small classes of up to 18, Kings Monkton School is known to be passionate about allowing students to grow at their own pace in a safe, warm and secure environment.