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McGill University

McGill is one of Canada's most prestigious universities, attracting international students in the thousands from over 150 countries and has the highest percentage of PhD students of any Canadian research university. 

The university is built up from 11 faculties, with over 300 areas of study to choose from, the most notable of which is the medicine department, currently in the top 25 in the world in that subject (QS World University Rankings, 2021.) It is also the #1 Canadian medical-doctorate university and has been for an impressive 13 years in a row.

Professors are of the highest quality, as backed by the 92.5 score in Academic Reputation (QS, 2021), and McGill boasts an impressive 12 Nobel Prizes amongst its celebrated alumni, more than any other Canadian university.


McGill’s faculties are spread across two campuses in Montreal:

  • Downtown Campus - Located in the bustling heart of Montreal, it is enveloped amongst cafes, galleries and museums. Mount Royal Park is just a stone’s throw away and you can even walk up the mountain nearby. Houses the Montreal Neurological Institute, the recognisable McIntyre Medical Building, and Molson Stadium.
  • MacDonald Campus - Situated along the waterfront of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, it is truly a green oasis on the island of Montreal, complete with an arboretum and sustainable farm.

The two campuses are separated by 36km, or a 40 minute bus ride that the university provides to its students free of charge. Students are also entitled to a reduced fare on the many buses that connect Montreal to the campuses.

The McGill library is also optimised for the ideal student experience, making over 5 million resources in print, and 3.5 million e-resources to access from the comfort of your home.

Startup Business Support

McGill University is dedicated to helping students be proactive in starting their own businesses and display entrepreneurship across all of their faculties.

The McGill Dobson Centre is the home of entrepreneurship on campus and has already begun more than 450 active startups that have collectively raised over C$1billion and manufactured more than 6,000 new jobs. Unlike some other universities, it is not limited to students enrolled at the business schools of their respective universities; any member of any faculty can apply.

As well as that, the McGill Dobson Bootcamp & Cup competition pits university entrepreneurs to compete for over C$200,000 in prize money for their business, through targeted workshops, networking opportunities and funding opportunities.

Research And Development

McGill has a strong reputation for its research output, with 50 research centres and institutes in operation currently, and is also affiliated with over 100 more. Research is such an integral part of McGill’s DNA and their services to help students in the research process are extensive, including McGill Research and Innovation Funding Opportunities Database, allowing staff and faculty to access information about upcoming research funding occassions.

Funding can be acquired at federal, provincial, internal, and international levels at McGill, as well as foundations, all of which the Office of Sponsored Research will guide students through application and options. There are also opportunities for research collaboration across the university and beyond, with industry sponsorship an option across some proposals.

Job Placement

As McGill is seen as such a prestigious institution across Canada and further afield, it is no surprise that graduates from the university find employment quickly and in fields linked to their study. The following statistics show the percentage of graduates in employment or education within two years of their graduation:

  • Art Graduates - 81%
  • Engineering Graduates - 95%
  • Medicine Graduates - 91%
  • Science Graduates - 84%
  • PhD respondents - 92%

Employers take note of McGill degrees, hence why impressive organisations such as Bank of Canada, Adidas, IBM, and Dow Chemical to name but a few, have recruited from the large pool of talent available at McGill.

Career Planning Services (CaPS) are also available to all students who require some guidance on where they would like to steer their professional lives. CaPS has two offices, at the Downtown and MacDonald campuses respectively, where staff are eager to impact students’ long-term employability through workshops, counselling and much more.

Student Life

There are over 230 clubs and societies to pick from at McGill and are run entirely by undergrad students and are a great way to socialise and engage with your peers outside of academia. Sports is also a brilliant way to immerse yourself into university life, with football, hockey, athletics and plenty more to choose from at McGill.

Montreal is a fantastic city to be a student in, ranking 1st in most student-friendly cities around the world (QS Best Student Cities, 2017). The Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal and Notre-Dame Basilica are just some of the incredible cultural highlights that the historic city has to offer, as well as its excellent green spaces like Mount Royal Park and the stunning Montreal Botanical Garden.

Students can also expect great cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs in the vicinity of their campuses, including the Open-Air Pub at Three Bares Park where people can enjoy food, drink and live music, or Pikolo Espresso Bar.

Why should you choose this university?

For both domestic and international students alike, it is a shining example of what universities could and should be. Its academic prowess should also not detract from McGill’s commitment to the student experience, as the services that students can expect here are built with them in mind for constant support before, during, and after your degree.

McGill’s reputation as a leading Canadian university is certainly impressive and its marriage of well-funded facilities that produce excellent academic grades and talent, highly-skilled graduates who find relevant employment quickly, and its situation in an exciting city for any prospective student make it an incredibly attractive choice.


Ranking BodyYearRanking Number
World University Ranking (QS)202227
World University Ranking (QS)202131
World University Ranking (QS)202035
World University Ranking (QS)201933
World University Ranking (QS)201832