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Monmouth School For Girls
Institution Overview

Monmouth School for Girls is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 7 to 18, located in Monmouth, Wales. It is part of the family of schools called Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools, and along with its brother school (Monmouth School), they share a mixed nursery. The girls are divided into four houses that has a designated colour scheme, each named after the former members of the Board of Governors. This is seperate from the boarding houses of which there are three main houses : School House, Twiston Davies and Augusta House.

Monmouth School for Girls is one of the highest performing independent schools within Wales. It has a 100% GCSE pass rate in all of its students and ranked second in the UK in 2010, and third in the year after. Monmouth School for Girls follows seven elements that build the foundation of the schools' vision; intellectually curious, innovative, co-operative, rounded, open-minded, acting as a good citizen and appreciating cultural diversity. They believe that with these values all girls enrolled in the school will be able to achieve their amibitions at school and in the wider world once they leave.

Monmouth School for Girls operates with a family-like atmosphere, providing a happy and supportive environment for all girls. This is helped along with the House system, of which every girl is a member of for the duration of their school life. All four are named after Governors and are: Bagnall Oakeley, Mather Jackson, Imbert Terry and Prosser. The respective House colours associated with each one are purple, blue, green and yellow. Monmouth School for Girls believes in doing this to ensure a sense of community and belonging. Furthermore, the school has state of the art facilities including IT suites, pottery, art and technology workshops, science labs, music rooms and a library with thousands of books.

Monmouth School for Girls is an independent school founded in 1892 by the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. It is located in Monmouth, Wales, and has a brother school called Monmouth School.
Student Life / Achievement

Monmouth School for Girls encourages all its students to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities, both academic and otherwise. It is the first school within the UK to employ a sports psychologist. Monmouth School for Girls has a Rowing Club and lacrosse team that have represented Wales in several school national competitions. In fact, in 2006 they won senior titles in their categories for the first time in school history. Another memorable achievement for Monmouth School for Girls is the team ranking 4th in the UK and 1st in their division. Later on in 2012 some of the girls were selected to represent the Wales lacrosse team for the Home Nations U19 Chapionships.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Monmouth School for Girls as they are an independent school that puts the girls first and motivates them to achieve their best while holding onto their traditional values and school ethos. They provide students with many extracurricualr activities to ensure growth in all areas and aspects of a child, not just in academic development. Not to mention, it has outstanding results and school achievements, as well as one of the best school fees in comparison to other independent schools in the country.