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Oakleigh House School
Institution Overview

Oakleigh House School is a mixed independent primary school and Nursery in Swansea, Wales. It provides the very best education for all its pupils, following the Foundation Phase curriculum that they often enrich with engaging activities. They are the only independent primary school in Swansea, and accepts children aged between 2.5 and 11 years old. Oakleigh House School has been teaching children for more than a century and has successfully provided a consistent and outstanding level of education as well as care for the wellbeing of its pupils.

Oakleigh House School follows a structured curriculum of the Foundation Phase, which is similar to Primary education in England. However, the teaching of the Welsh language is compulsory in Oakleigh House School. The core subjects are taught in this school, as it is in many primary schools; literacy, numeracy and science. Additionally to this, other subjects such as music, art, humanities, languages, RE and PE are also part of the curriculum. Oakleigh House School includes a hall, a nursery, on site catering, ICT rooms and several outdoor areas that are used frequently for classes and recreational learning activites.

Oakleigh House School offers many optional lessons and activites incorporated as part of the school curriculum to ensure their pupils have a broad and varied range of learning experiences to supplement their education. Oakleigh House School also prides itself on the many types of sports its pupils regularly take part in, and believes that physical activity is crucial for children of all ages. Oakleigh House School gives all pupils in Year 3 and above the chance to visit Swansea University for their twice a week games, as the university has kindly allowed them usage of their indoor track and outdoor pitch. Not to mention, Oakleigh House School takes its pupils to swimming lessons at the Wales National Pool.

Oakleigh House School was founded in 1919 and became a part of the Ffynone House School Trust in 1995. It is located in Swansea, Wales, near to Swansea University and opposite Cwmdonkin Park.
Student Life / Achievement

Oakleigh House School offers specialist teaching in Drama, Music and PE from Nursery. Moreover, Spanish is taught to pupils from Year 1 as part of the school's curriculum. The pupils are also given the choice of one to one tuition in several instruments, dance, speech and singing. Oakleigh House School opens at 8am everyday and closes at 6pm, and as part of its belief in allowing pupils to reach their potential outside of the classroom, they offer more than 20 clubs for all years. One such club, the Holiday Club, runs for the duration of 10 weeks per year to give parents high quality childcare during the school holidays.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Oakleigh House School as it makes sure all pupils receive the best start in their lives. They offer a curriculum of Foundation Phase but is not bound to it; they are known to give an all round education with high quality teaching that engages and enriches children's minds. Moreover, Oakleigh House School has recently recieved Excellent inspection results, indicating that it has a high level of quality teaching, attention to pupil wellbeing, care and guidance. Oakleigh House School prides itself on helping their pupils grow and become confident, independent learners as they progress through the school years.