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Treffos School
Isle of Anglesey
Institution Overview

Treffos School is an independent primary school and nursery located in Anglesey, North Wales. Their aim is to become a school of academic learning that is known to be excellent with a strong sense of belonging. Children are all made sure to be taken care of, confident and happy, with a love of learning. It a school that was originallly founded in 1983 by Joyce Humphreys. She was joined six years later by Stuart Humphreys to build the independent school that is here today.

Treffos School divides its students up into four houses; kindergarten, infants, juniors and uppers, depending on age. Most of the students live on the Isle and at least 12% of the students come from ethnic minority backgrounds. The school also teaches Welsh alongside English to its students as part of the curriculum. Treffos School has a Christian ethos and an affiliation to the Welsh Independent Schools Council (WISC).

Treffos School has many facilities aside from its outstanding academics that make it such a worthwhile school to be a part of. It is situated in many acres on their own grounds, and make the most of it by incorporating walks in nature in their woodland. As part of its school ethos, it believes in nuturing and helping each student in being happy and healthy while flourishing in a safe, friendly environment. They make sure to include other aspects of learning into daily life at Treffos, and not neglect them for just academics. Treffos understands the significance of children spending time in nature and extra curricular activities that enhance their learning and time at Treffos.

Treffos School is an independent primary school and nursery located in Anglesey, North Wales. It was first founded by Joyce and Stuart Humphreys in 1983.
Student Life / Achievement

Students at Treffos are offered the chance to develop at their own pace and grow in a nuturing and caring environment. Pupil safety is a top priority, and they also place a strong emphasis on interacting with nature. In fact, Treffos School is located not far from Snowdonia National Park, which gives students at Treffos a unique opportunity to visit and learn from the amazing experiences there. Treffos School aims to encourage its students to grow in confidence and ability in all their subjects and across the curriculum. Moreover, they do ascertain with small class sizes that no child is left behind or feeling unsure about where they are in terms of their education.
Student Destination

Why should you choose this School?

You should choose Treffos School because it is a school that celebrates its small community and ensures that every child is happy and looked after, both in academics and in pastoral care. By providing an excellent and bespoke education in an environment that values the needs of the child, Treffos is certainly a place where children are happy and motivated; ready for the challenges of their academic future.